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New York - 2016

Impressions from a short trip to New York City

Raphel Gualazzi - Jazz Me Up 2015

Raphael Gualazzi - Jazz Me Up 2015 - Live - Bergamo P.za Carrara 18/9/2015

Jazz Caliente Trio - 19/6/2015

Jazz Caliente Trio (quintet) live at Winter Garden Hotel 19/6/2015

Continental Quartet - 23/5/2015

Continental Quartet live in Bergamo (Teatro alle Grazie) 23/5/2015


Color palettes from nature

Salsa Hora - 21/8/2014

SalsaHora, live in Dalmine (BG) 21/8/2014. For more infos visit their facebook homepage

The walk in the park

Having the office next to a beautiful park (Parco della Trucca, the largest of the city of Bergamo), I often have the opportunity, early morning, for a leisurely stroll. The photos collected here are the result of these walks.

Enduro Gorle 2013

Images from the 10th Enduro Alpini Gorle. Saturday, August 24, 2013


The images are obtained with the technique of tilt-shift (fake miniature), which is a photo editing system designed to simulate the effect of a thumbnail of images taken from real life. The technique itself is not my invention. I thought Id make one series of Bergamo because the city seems particularly photogenic from this point of view. The final result also fits well the image he wants to make of himself a quiet provincial town like mine. See here for a detailed description of the applied tecnique.
The 21 has been choosen as image of the day by Corriere.it.

The luthier

Being also an amateur guitarist a couple of years ago I became aware of Silvia Zanchi, luthier in Bergamo. As personal research I have proposed to create a service on her work. Silvia is a serious professional who, in addition to performing settings and repairs, manufactures precious instruments with a focus on early instruments. For more visit her website ( silviazanchi.it ).
Some of the photos have been published on "Seicorde" magazine.

Sunday in the city

Walking through the neighborhood of my childhood in a moment of nostalgia I relived the sensations of summer Sundays in the city.
Processing "Polaroid like" (see here for a detailed description) is functional to the desired atmosphere, to create images that may have been taken at any time.

Morla: neglected water

Like many others, even my city, Bergamo, has a river forgotten and often hidden from view. Its name is Morla. Is so little regarded that many Bergamo citizens seeing these pictures barely recognize the places portrayed. The images in this section were taken at various times of the year and affect almost exclusively the stream inside the town of Bergamo.

Kapadokya Balloons

A hot air baloon flight int the dawn of Kapadokya is like living in a dream for a couple of hours. The baloon is the only means of transportation that makes not noise at all, moving with the air you cannot even hear the blow of the wind.

Camera: Olympus 770

Handmade cigars

During the trip to Cuba I met this man, Guillermo, who makes cigars for himself. Hes not a professional, he does like many of us do with tobacco and cigarettes maps. The entire operation takes no more than a couple of minutes and could do so standing in the street. The reason why he did it at the table is that he was preparing some as a parting gift for me. At the end of the cigar is wrapped in newspaper as a package.

Camera: Minolta DiMage F300

Cuba 2003

A short report of impressions during a trip to Cuba in the summer of 2003.

Camera: Minolta DiMage F300