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Macro and close-up photography

Landscapes and glimpses

Panoramas, views and diverse lanscapes


Images of animals and nature. All animals are portrayed in freedom without any kind of trap or roost and no offer of food.


A few significant shots made by the excellent Samyang 8mm fisheye

Live music

Shooting the concerts has always been a passion for me. In this section I collect various material, all shot on digital.

35mm Live

The photos in this section date back to the 90s. These are pictures of concerts shot on high sensitivity 35 mm slide film and then scanned through professional service. I have a lot of other material on the original slide that will be inserted sincs will be scanned.

Camera: Contax 139 Quartz
Lens: Contax Zeiss T* 135 f/2.8, T* 28 f/2.8, T* 50 f/1.7

Street photos

Snapshots from the road. Pictures of various origin united only by being taken outdoors without premeditation.